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It is important to us that the issues and ambiguities are cleared up swiftly and simply; hence a direct line to us is a must. Simply write us, send an email or pick up the telephone.

Managing Director Markus Mann

Tel: + 49 (0) 26 61 / 62 62 33
E-Mail: info@ww-holzpellets.de


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Heide Butters

Heide Butters

(Distribution / End Customers)

Phone: +49 (0) 2661 / 6262-32

E-Mail: heide.butters@ww-holzpellets.de

Welcome to Westerwälder Holzpellets

We are happy that you found the way to us. You are interested in wood pellets? In that case we can help you. We are real "pellet-pioneers" within Germany. Concerning the production of accredited woodpellets we access on a well-grounded know-how and a wealth of experience. No matter if you are already pellet-customer or if you are still thinking about converting your central heating - we will be glad to be of assistance.

Flexible trading
The production of wood pellets is an exciting business. When you make your entry into a branch that is still young, you often do not know for sure where the market is going. There is as yet no accumulated experience you can revert to and of course there is also the risk. Fortunately, courage and initiative usually pay off, as in our case. When we decided in May 2001 to found Westerwälder Holzpellets GmbH there were a number of reasons why we did so. First, we want to become independent of foreign gas and oil reserves as we believe in wood as an energy source: It is a regional raw material that does not need to be hauled long distances and does not harbour an environmental disaster within itself.

What is more, wood is CO2-neutral, so that our already overtaxed earth is not put under yet more strain. Unlike fossil fuels, wood is renewable and hence available without restriction. But even the economic aspects are persuasive. Westerwälder Holzpellets GmbH has created 12 jobs in the past few years at its site in Langenbach. Buying power thus remains in Germany and money is also reinvested in the region.